i Buontalenti , the founders of last year’s successful inaugural festival, have a goal to develop richer and even more profound spiritual and artistic programmes over the coming years. The concept of the festival is to grow each year and become an integral part of the Florentine calendar for its citizens and visitors alike. In fact, it is designed to bring Italian and Anglo-Florentine artists and audiences closer together.

This year’s programme offers five days of events, including a sacred art exhibition, a conference and symposium, two concerts of contrasting ancient and modern music plus a guided visit to mosaics and sculptures of John the Baptist in the historic centre.

For further information about last year’s events, promotion, patronage and media coverage please visit the  2012 Festival website .

We sincerely hope that you will join us in celebrating the continuing artistic and spiritual heritage of this unique city.

Con i saluti più cordiali,

John Hoenig BDA

Festival Founder & Artistic Director

Penny Howard
Logistics & Media Manager

The second year of the San Giovanni Battista Festa della Cultura is again dedicated to the people of Florence in celebrating the feast day of the city’s patron saint on 24th June.

As before, the event will be presented by the founders of the festival i Buontalenti - a group of colleagues established to initiate creative opportunities for Florentine artists, musicians and writers. We continue to benefit the venues in which we present our works.

We are most grateful for the continued patronage of the Comune di Firenze, the Provincia di Firenze, the British Institute of Florence, Rete Toscana Classica, the Florentine and this year:  il Consolato Generale degli Stati Uniti d’America, Firenze, Italia

The contemporary artists are: painters Antonio Ciccone, Alessandro Vannini, Caroline Jervis, Massimo Pivetti, Helen Bayley & Luca Rafanelli; sculptors Jason Arkles & Alan Pascuzzi; photographer Neri Fadigati and visual artist Alessandro Secci.

in contrast with classic works of San Giovanni Battista seen in a fresh light by Editech SRL - Centro Diagnostico per i Beni Artistici e Architettonici, Firenze.

Antiquarian and Old Master works to be announced.

EXHIBITIONvenerdì 21 giugno

il passato è presente II

a cura di Caroline Jervis & John Hoenig

The British Institute of Florence

The Festival

© John Hoenig 2013

“The range of style and interpretation (from figurative to abstract) is fascinating – as is the dialogue between past and present. Each artist has responded to what San Giovanni means to them as Florentines – which perfectly demonstrates that Florence is not a museum but a truly modern, creative city propelled forward by its vibrant history.”

il passato è presente I  curator John Hoenig in an interview with Alexandra Korey, ArtTrav 2012

CONCERTO - martedì 25 giugno   21.00
Badia Fiorentina

Neri Fadigati -  Alvino, Isola del Giglio, fotografia, 50x70 cm, 2012

Helen Bayley - Eye of San Giovanni, detail from Prigionero, olio su tela, 2013

Jason Arkles - Wild Honey,
patinated plaster, 82x30x28 cm, 2012

Antonio Ciccone: Thinking of John the Baptist, carboncino, 78x58, 2012

Robin Walker

Alessandro Vannini - l'Acqua

olio su tela, 120x150cm, 2012

2° Festa della Cultura - San Giovanni Battista
Firenze 2013

venerdì 21 - martedì 25 giugno

Entry by donation - to benefit the restoration of the Zefferini organ

Caroline Jervis -  Salome, olio su tela,
80x60 cm, 2011


Preparing the Way II

the representation of the image of John the Baptist

venerdì 21 giugno  10.00-1300

The British Institute of Florence

Sala Ferragamo
Harold Acton Library
Lungarno Guicciardini 9

Sala Ferragamo
Harold Acton Library
Lungarno Guicciardini 9

in Italian & English

tickets now on sale at Library

proceeds will benefit the Cultural Programme

Guest Speakers include:

Federico Maria Sardelli

Direttore, musicologo, compositore, flautista

pittore, incisore ed autore satirico


Kate Bolton M.Phil

Music and Cultural Historian

New York University,
Scuola Lorenzo de’Medici

Samantha Stout M.Sc.

on behalf of Prof. Maurizio Seracini


CONCERTO - venerdì 21 giugno   19.30
British Institute of Florence

Sala Ferragamo

tickets now on sale at Library

proceeds will benefit the Cultural Programme

"A Voice in the Wilderness" Concerto d’Organo

Maestro Robin Walker

suona l’organo di O. Zefferini 1558

Badia Fiorentina

Via del Proconsolo

Maestro Federico Maria Sardelli, flauti dritti
Claudia Conese, soprano
Bettina Hoffmann, viola da gamba
Giovanni Bellini, liuto e tiorba


San Giovanni in Florence

sabato 22 giugno  15.00

Battistero & Orsanmichele

Alexandra Lawrence

Editor-at-Large, The Florentine

Licensed Guide, Florence and Province

Exclusive tour bookings through The Florentine

via email to a.lawrence@theflorentine.net


"Come andare avanti?
the way forward"

venerdì 21 giugno  14.00-16.00

The British Institute of Florence

An open platform for both arts practitioners and the public to exchange ideas for developing the festival.

We invite all Florentines to participate in this

exciting Forum - in Italian and English.

Co-chaired by Antonio Artese and John Hoenig.

Luca Rafanelli ,
Fontana Santo Spirito,

olio su tela, 2013

Baroque music by Florentine composers and others influenced by the music of the city