CONCERTO 4   -      lunedì 22 giugno


”Musica sacra per San Giovanni

Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli e Biagio

Piazza del Limbo 1, Firenze

Inni e cantici spirituali

Harding University in Florence Singers

The students are usually sophomores, taking general education courses, at Harding University, in Searcy AR from all disciplines to attend our program. We have three groups per year of 30 to 40 students per group, staying for three months. During their stay they study Humanities, Theology, Italian Language, Cultural studies and, depending on the discipline of the visiting professor, other courses in his/her area.

We have several group trips:
       The Casentino area of Tuscany for 3 days, staying at the Porciano Castle
       Sicily 5 days
       Naples, Sorento, Paestum areas for 5 days
       Rome for 4 days
We also take day trips to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and other cities or villages in Tuscany.
We go to the Cinque Terre some semesters together as a group.

They visit the Accademia, the Uffizi, the Palatine Gallery at the Pitti Palace, Bargello, San Marco monastery, the Medici Chapel and New Sacristy at San Lorenzo, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, and the Brancacci Chapel.

We are very much involved in two other major projects:



Hymns and spirituals

to benefit the church's new community fund-raising project

donations welcome

Gli studenti della Harding che cantano stasera non sono un coro.

Il nostro desiderio e che possiamo intrattenervi
con l’entusiasmo e il piacere del canto.

Sia lodato il Creativo Creatore
(Padre, Figlio e Spirito Santo)

Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli e Biagio

dove si trova la pala d’altare di Jacopo di Cione dipinta nel 1383 di San Giovanni Battista,
parte del polittico “Madonna con Bambino in trono tra Angeli e Santi”

Inni e Cantici spirituali - Hymns: (7 x 3)

Come let us sing for joy to the Lord

O Lord prepare me to be a Sanctuary (both versions)

I stand in Awe (You are beautiful beyond description….)

I'm gonna sing/Swing low sweet chariot/Oh when the Saints (together & medley)

The greatest command


Holy Lord most Holy Lord

There is a God

Pierce my ear

All praises be

We shall assemble on the mountain

Prince of peace

As a deer pants for the water

Jesus let us come to know you

Walking down heaven’s road:
(Who's that walking down the road….)

A common Love

Lord be there for me

Can he still feel the nails

I will call upon the Lord

The steadfast love of the Lord

Hosanna you’re my King


Parish of Santi Apostoli
English speaking Community

Our community consists of students and families from all parts of the world who come together to worship God. We celebrate Catholic Mass in English every Sunday at 10:30