Fr. Scott Murphy LC
Pastoral assistance to
English speakers in Florence

Parish of Santi Apostoli
English speaking Community

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Our community consists of students and families from all parts of the world who come together to worship God.

We celebrate Catholic Mass in English every Sunday at 10:30 at the Church of Santi Apostoli e Biagio.

Fr Scott Murphy LC is a Catholic priest and a member of a religious congregation called the Legionaries of Christ. Ordained a priest on Dec. 12, 2009, he was named pastoral assistant to Americans in Florence on Jan 1, 2013 by Cardinal Giuseppe Betori. 

He holds a Licentiate degree in Philosophy, specializing in anthropology and ethics, and a Licentiate degree in Spiritual Theology, both from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. His previous pastoral assignments include four years of youth work in various parts of the midwest of the United States. 

He can be contacted at: 

Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli e Biagio, dove si trova la pala d’altare di
Jacopo di Cione dipinta nel 1383 di San Giovanni Battista,
parte del polittico “Madonna con Bambino in trono tra Angeli e Santi”

SPIRITUALITÀ  -     Domenica 14 giugno

Messa cattolica in inglese con Pr. Scott Murphy

Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli e Biagio

Piazza del Limbo 1, Firenze