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Harding University in Florence

Our community consists of students and families from all parts of the world who come together to worship God.

We celebrate Catholic Mass in English at 10:30, and Mass in Italian at 11:30 every Sunday at the Church of Santi Apostoli e Biagio.

Santi Apostoli Parish Spaces for Youth

The Parish Center has been undergoing renewal over the past year. A new center - the Parish Spaces for Youth - is now underway and will include a projection room for videos, three bathrooms and a small kitchenette as well as a new heating and cooling system. This will also make for a more ideal space for gathering for coffee after Mass. These spaces are also needed to better welcome the growing number of University Students at our parish.

To support the fundraising program, please visit

Santi Apostoli

Santi Apostoli, Piazza del Limbo

sabato 18 giugno, 19.00

for the benefit of the Santi Apostoli community building project

The students are usually sophomores, taking general education courses, at Harding University, in Searcy AR, from all disciplines to attend our program. We have three groups per year of 30 to 40 students per group, staying for three months. During their stay they study Humanities, Theology, Italian Language, Cultural studies and, depending on the discipline of the visiting professor, other courses in his/her area.

Students from 2015 Festival concert