Monday 20 June, 10.00

Painting Workshop (in inglese)
The Florence Studio, Borgo Santi Apostoli, 18 (black)

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Tuesday 21 June, 10.00

Sculpture Workshop (in inglese)
The Florence Studio, Borgo Santi Apostoli, 18 (black)

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The Florence Studio

Tuscany Plein Air

Thursday 23 June, 10.00     

Workshop en Plein Air (in Inglese)

Piazza del Limbo

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Tom J. Byrne

Enjoy three hours in the artists’ studio painting in oil or sculpting in clay with classically trained instructors. Our focus for this workshop will be on the theme of St. John the Baptist. Explore the traditional techniques of the Old Masters in the heart of historic Florence. Suitable for all ages. All materials supplied.

Workshops with
The Florence Studio are €20 per person, all materials supplied

There is no better way to truly experience thing you want to remember. Join Irish artist, Tom J. Byrne, for a mixed-media exploration of Piazza del Limbo, the exterior of Santi Apostoli - “il vecchio Duomo” - and the bridges of the Arno.

Using the media of your choice - pencil, ink, watercolour or charcoal - there will be very informal demonstrations given in how to use the various mediums.

Tom J. Byrne has been a painter all his life, with more than 25 years experience. Raised and trained in art, in Ireland and in Paris, he moved to Florence to further his studies in 2013 with the Angel Academy of Art.

In addition to painting, he has run art galleries, organised group exhibitions, published art books, started many life drawing organisations, and has exhibited in NY, London, Ireland and France.

Working as a painter from the age of 20, he formed several arts organisations and published indexes to Irish artists and their works. He founded an annual arts exhibition which continues to this day, and was founder of several life drawing groups. In 2003, he left Ireland for France.

In Paris, he studied trompe l’oeil and faux effects, at the Ecole des Peintres en Décor, Paris, with Thimy Leab and Pierre le Goariguer. While in Paris he managed different art galleries on the Ile Saint Louis. In late 2012 he left Paris, for Italy.

In 2013, after 25 years as a painter, he came to Florence to study and set up studio. In March 2014 he became a student of the Angel Academy of Art, with John Michael Angel, and is currently working en Plein Air.

Laura Thompson and Frank Rekrut

Laura and Frank began their careers in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. In 2010 they moved to Italy and now have a studio in the heart of Florence, where Frank’s great grandfather and great uncle were both sculptors.

Life in Florence provides constant inspiration through the people, the architecture, the art and the history. It also allows for interaction with other artists and artisans who value the traditional approaches to their craft.

piazza del Limbo

The small piazza, set between Borgo Santi Apostoli and the Lungarno between the Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinità, is so-called as in the Middle Ages it was the cemetery for children who died before having been baptized.

Workshop en Plein Air is €10 per person